Mandrake memorial medium - Crossword Clues Starting With M

Program 1182: The War Department’s V-Disc program of providing specially recorded musical entertainment to our troops around the world began in the Summer of 1943.  To observe the occasion, Nostalgia Digest columnist KARL PEARSON joins us for an afternoon of musical history and memories.  Among the seldom-heard V-Disc selections to be presented are those recorded by Hal McIntyre, Glenn Miller, Eddy Howard, Benny Goodman Quartet, Louis Prima, Bing Crosby with Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Spike Jones, Ethel Merman and Connee Boswell.

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In the hope of gaining access to the state-of-the-art resources of Caltech for their rocketry research, Parsons and Forman attended a lecture on the work of Austrian rocket engineer Eugen Sänger and hypothetical above- stratospheric aircraft by the institute's William Bollay — a PhD student specializing in rocket-powered aircraft —and approached him to express their interest in designing a liquid-fuel rocket motor. [26] [27] Bollay redirected them to another PhD student named Frank Malina , a mathematician and mechanical engineer composing a thesis on rocket propulsion who shared their interests and soon befriended the pair. [28] Parsons, Forman, and Malina applied for funding from Caltech together; they did not mention that their ultimate objective was to develop rockets for space exploration, realizing that most of the scientific establishment then relegated such ideas to science fiction. While Caltech's Clark Blanchard Millikan immediately rebuffed them, Malina's doctoral advisor Theodore von Kármán saw more promise in their proposal and agreed to allow them to operate under the auspices of the university's Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory (GALCIT). [29] Naming themselves the GALCIT Rocket Research Group, they gained access to Caltech's specialist equipment, though the economics of the Great Depression left von Kármán unable to finance them. [30]

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Mandrake Memorial MediumMandrake Memorial MediumMandrake Memorial MediumMandrake Memorial Medium