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The comic was started in Newcastle upon Tyne in December 1979 [3] by Chris Donald , who produced the comic from his bedroom in his parents' Jesmond home with help from his brother Simon and friend Jim Brownlow. Donald himself cannot remember exactly where the name of the magazine comes from. The most he can remember is: at the time, he needed to come up with a proper name for it, and he considered the word "Viz" a very easy word to write/remember, as it consisted of three letters which are easily made with straight lines.

Not long ago, DIRECTV changed its pricing to make it easier to understand—at least that’s what DIRECTV claims. It used to be that DIRECTV, like every other pay-TV service, would tack on a bunch of nonsense fees to the monthly service charge (DVR fee, receiver fee, etc.). The good news is that’s no longer the case: DIRECTV’s pricing is “ALL INCLUSIVE.” That means the price you see online is the price you pay. For the most part, we found this to be true, so we have to hand it to DIRECTV for no longer badgering customers with fees and more fees.

Dandy We Are Still RudeDandy We Are Still RudeDandy We Are Still RudeDandy We Are Still Rude