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Well you know the term blowback is an old term of CIA tradecraft, and historically it referred to when the . would carry out covert operations somewhere in the world and eventually the fruits of these operations would "blow back" on the . and there would be repercussions but American citizens wouldn't recognize it as such because they wouldn't have known what was done in their name with their tax dollars under the radar. When I look at . operations in Africa, I see the same sorts of things going on, the same types of blowback. Because Americans don't pay a lot of attention to what goes on in Africa and because of the way news stories are constructed they often don't provide the context to give you a clue as to exactly how these things work out over a period of months or years.

Casey DeFreitas is an Associate Editor at IGN and will eagerly play any Pokemon-related game announced tomorrow. Catch her on Twitter .

Dali's Car "InGladAloneness" EP out 5th April 2012 Hugely respected for his innovative approach to the fretless bass and his groundbreaking work with Japan /Rain Tree ...

English Language Requirements: German or English language skills are required, Applicants from outside the home country will often need to meet specific English language/other language requirements in order to be able to study there.

I am writing this piece as the weekend draws to an end. I hear them busy in the kitchen preparing the last lunch (I'm staying clear and am thrilled to have the excuse of writing -- I'm totally done with meal prep at this point).

An intensive year-long course that gives young women the information and inspiration they need to pursue a career in the energy industry.

Japan All Tomorrows PartiesJapan All Tomorrows PartiesJapan All Tomorrows PartiesJapan All Tomorrows Parties