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The Film: Clumsy follow up that’s more horror than thriller. Features some of the series’ best traps, most notably the syringe pit, and brings a Wahlberg to the party. Not particularly good.

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Hopefully this gets enough support to continue getting new ones for the next few Octobers! No matter how bad some of them got, they are still very much entertaining. They kept them fun by making you guess and think through every film – and this one is the same. I agree with this review for the most part – it could have been better… but it was still so much fun to watch. Bottom line: It is light years better than 4, 5, and 7. Especially after the epic failures this year with Mother, Leatherface, It, and Cult of Chucky – Jigsaw was a huge relief!

Emma-Jane has over 17 years of extensive experience in both the public and private sector, including Virgin Media, the Ministry of Defence and Scotland’s environmental regulator, SEPA. As a support specialist, her strengths include high level administration, diary management, report writing and project co-ordination.  She also specialises in analysing and assessing critical performance data for key decision makers in business. Emma-Jane also holds industry qualifications in project management, leadership and management.

Thanks for this! I was a bit confused about the difference between "home" groups and "expert" groups and how they would be formed, but this definitely helped!

Jigsaw One Way StreetJigsaw One Way StreetJigsaw One Way StreetJigsaw One Way Street