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There's no shortage of ambition in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . Geralt of Rivia's latest adventure is massive, a world you can get lost in for hours and still have plenty to do. There's a ton for die-hard Witcher fans to enjoy, but you don't need to have played a Witcher game to enjoy the heck out of this one.

The game begins with the Hero as the Prince or Princess of Albion in what is presumably their late teenage years. The first part of the game is called "The Road to Rule" and requires the Hero to gain support for a revolution to overthrow their elder brother Logan , the current tyrannical and troubled king of Albion. The Hero must make promises to people to gain support of various regions and then choose to fulfil those promises or break them when they become the ruler of Albion.

Clockwork Soldiers Demo 85Clockwork Soldiers Demo 85Clockwork Soldiers Demo 85Clockwork Soldiers Demo 85