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Long ago, in the golden age of eredar civilization, a council was formed to oversee the defense of Argus and maintain peace. But after their dark bargain was struck with Sargeras, these master tacticians used their military expertise to help orchestrate a Burning Crusade that ravaged countless worlds.

Or when Amanda Blackhorse, a 31-year-old Navajo social worker, went to Washington last month to attend a hearing of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. She has petitioned to cancel the Redskins trademark on grounds that the name is racist. Harjo filed a similar petition in 1992 and won, but she later lost in the appeals process.

McLachlan took an instrumental by Seamus Egan, added lyrics and won a Grammy in 2000 for Best Female Pop Performance. “I will remember you. Will you remember me? Don’t let your life pass by. Weep not for the memories.”

Burning Spear LiveBurning Spear LiveBurning Spear LiveBurning Spear Live