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Only a little over a week before Christmas, and while the Bah! Humbug! crowd won't care, I bet many of you feel that you still have tons of stuff to do: getting all your presents ready, making sure you have the food, and all the rest of it. Today's Advent Calendar entry, taken from Dick Schory's 1958 album Music For Bang, Baaroom, And Harp, makes being in a hurry in the holiday season sound positively glamorous.

"Little did any of us who were involved in the planning and recording of Music for Bang, Baaroom and Harp know, back in 1958, what an impact this album would have on the record industry and how it would effect my career," writes Dick Schory, about the audiophile instrumental classic, the first stereophonic recording in the industry to be classified a "Best Seller."


Dick Schorys Percussion Pops Orchestra Politely PercussiveDick Schorys Percussion Pops Orchestra Politely Percussive