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Portability – We need to protect wargames figures from where they are stored to our wargames table, or take them with us to a friends house or the local wargames club.

"The atmosphere and political mood that emerged around 1919," in the words of Mitter (2004), "are at the centre of a set of ideas that has shaped China's momentous twentieth century." [1] Following the Xinhai Revolution in 1911, the Qing Dynasty disintegrated. This marked the end of thousands of years of powerful imperial rule, and theoretically ushered a new era in which political power rested with the people. However, the reality was that China was a fragmented nation dominated by warlords , who were more concerned with their own political powers and private armies than national interests. [2] The Chinese Beiyang government was occupied with suppressing internal affairs and did little to counter the influence exerted by foreign powers. [3] The March 1st Movement that happened in Korea (1919), the Russian revolution (1917), defeats by foreign powers and the presence of spheres of influence inflamed a sense of nationalism among the emerging middle class and cultural leaders [ citation needed ] . Leaders of the New Culture Movement believed that traditional Confucian values were responsible for the political weakness of the nation [ citation needed ] . Chinese nationalists called for a rejection of traditional values and the selective adoption of Western ideals of "Mr. Science" ( 賽先生 ; 赛先生 ; sài xiānsheng ) and "Mr. Democracy" ( 德先生 ; dé xiānsheng ) in order to strengthen the new nation. [4] These iconoclastic and anti-traditional views and programs have shaped China's politics and culture down to the present. [5]

The 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (4th MEB) was a United States Army brigade located at Fort Leonard Wood , Missouri , subordinate to the 1st Infantry Division since its activation on October 16, 2008. The 4th MEB was one of two active duty Maneuver Enhancement Brigades (the 1st MEB is at Fort Polk , Louisiana ). The Brigade was tasked to improve the movement capabilities and rear area security for commanders at division level or higher. This was the only brigade in Fort Leonard Wood that is part of FORSCOM. The 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade inactivated on June 17, 2015. [1]

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