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From 1940 to 1953 Fawcett Comics published comics featuring their popular character Captain Marvel , and thus held the trademark to the name "Captain Marvel". Fawcett ceased publishing the comics in 1953 due to a 1951 copyright infringement suit from DC Comics , and their trademark ostensibly lapsed. Taking advantage of this situation, Marvel debuted its new Captain Marvel character in 1967 and quickly trademarked the name. [2] Marvel was not the first company to try to capitalize on Fawcett's lapsed trademark; in 1966 the small publisher M. F. Enterprises released a short-lived Captain Marvel series. [3]

Writers: Stuart Vandal, Barry Reese, Ronald Byrd, Sean McQuaid, Anthony Flamini, Eric J. Moreels, Jeff Christiansen, Michael Hoskin

Patti Page , The Voice of Patti Page (LP Mercury MG 20100): Keep Me in Mind (Burt Bacharach & Jack Wolf)

Al T Joe With Celestials You Cheated On Me This Heart Of MineAl T Joe With Celestials You Cheated On Me This Heart Of Mine