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Actor: Matthew Davis , James Spader , Aidan Quinn , Peter Coyote , Robin Tunney , Alice Krige , Lacey Chabert , Sarah Ann Schultz , Robert Miano , David Selby

Middle English schadowen , Kentish ssedwi , from late Old English sceadwian "to protect as with covering wings" (cf. also overshadow ), from the root of shadow (n.). Cf. Old Saxon skadoian , Dutch schaduwen , Old High German scatewen , German (über)schatten . From mid-14c. as "provide shade;" late 14c. as "cast a shadow over" (literal and figurative), from early 15c. as "darken" (in illustration, etc.). Meaning "to follow like a shadow" is from in an isolated instance; not attested again until 1872. Related: Shadowed ; shadowing .

Days later, Casey takes Nakabara's advice and travels to Bangkok . While sparring with Lucas, one of Nakabara's students, Casey suddenly loses his temper and assaults him with a bokken . Nakabara reminds him to control his emotions by having him undergo the fire walk practice , but Casey stops halfway through the walk due to memories of Namiko lingering in his mind. He goes on a drinking binge at a nearby bar and gets into a fight with several drunk patrons. The next morning, Lucas is killed by the same barbed wire weapon used on Namiko. Nakabara reveals to Casey that his father and Sensei Takeda (Namiko's father), along with a man from Nagoya named Isamu, were the three top students of the Kōga dojo. When their sensei died, Isamu challenged Takeda for control of the dojo; Takeda killed Isamu in the fight and continued as sōke . Isamu's younger brother Goro witnessed the fight and swore to avenge his death, even if it took three generations. Years later, Goro became head of one of the largest drug cartels in Myanmar . Nakabara urges Casey to return to the United States, as being Takeda's son-in-law has makes him one of Goro's targets. Instead, Casey asks him to help him find Goro. Nakabara gives him an old map of Burma from his father's days in World War II, with markings indicating locations of ninja weapons.

Shadow Of Fear Shadow Of FearShadow Of Fear Shadow Of FearShadow Of Fear Shadow Of FearShadow Of Fear Shadow Of Fear