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When planning that special event, the Function Room can offer you an experience of quality and value.  Our function room can accommodate small parties and larger groups also.
Our courteous and professional staff will work closely with you to ensure you are completely satisfied, and that your special occasion for celebration is a memorable one!

A week after Richardville’s early morning call to Jackson, it was all over. With a stroke of his pen on December 11, Gov. Rick Snyder—who’d previously said right-to-work was not a priority of his—now made Michigan the 24th state to enact it. The governor marked the occasion by reciting, nearly verbatim, talking points that DeVos and his allies had distributed. “Freedom-to-work,” he said, is “pro-worker and pro-Michigan.”

Beat Kitchen can cater for your function (almost) anywhere you please.  Our certified kitchen is on wheels and is fully self-sufficient.  If you have a farm, a country house or any large grounds and a few hundred friends, talk to us about how we can tailor your function to your needs. 

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