Collapsing new buildings sahara - Einstürzende Neubauten - Collapsing New Buildings - Live.

The second photo is of the ‘high flats’ ( as we quaintly call them in Scotland ) being built in the Gorbals in Glasgow in 1964. I remember being taken to see them being officially opened by HM Queen Elizabeth in 1965. The ‘scheme’ (rather than ‘estate’ up here : somehow reflects the inevitable awful reality ) was actually named after her. At the time, people were indeed very keen to leave their overcrowded tenements and outside toilets. However, as the consequences of the poor quality of construction and inept local authority housing policies became apparent, they were, within a short space of time, equally keen to leave their new homes. From my direct experience, this usually took around 2-3 years. Only a very few tower blocks in Glasgow were managed competently enought to provide a reasonable quality of life at home.
It could have been very different. Great Blog ! I fondly remember working in London as a student during the summer of 1977.

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De Las Fronteras Biennial, Matamaros, Mexico, 2015
Learned Helplessness, Bergsen&Bergsen, İstanbul, 2014
Cyristal City, Mars, İstanbul, 2011

Two French photographers immortalize the remains of the motor city on film

Photographs by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Collapsing New Buildings SaharaCollapsing New Buildings SaharaCollapsing New Buildings SaharaCollapsing New Buildings Sahara