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The Prisoners were a British garage rock band formed in 1980 in Rochester, Kent, England. Their 1960s garage sound made them a regular live fixture in London's ...

There is one underexplored potential solution to battling both the prison-industrial complex and the poverty-prison-poverty cycle: prison employment. Programs that put prisoners to work have the potential to offer job training, teach new skills, and—if these programs face necessary reforms—offer the kind of financial stability that could put a major dent in incarceration rates. The problem, though, is that all too often these programs are closer to slave labor than meaningful employment, paying pennies per hour even when the law requires otherwise.  The 13 th Amendment allows labor for the purpose of punishment, but that doesn’t make it right—or beneficial.

I WAS NOT INVITED ONTO THE PROPERTY. Once the Hamms found out I had accepted their public invitation to their open day, an 11th hour panic campaign commenced. I received 3 legal letters plus phone calls from the Hamms solicitor warning me that not only was I not allowed to attend but we could not encourage anyone else to attend. Obviously the Hamms were expecting us to refuse their invitation and they panicked when we gladly accepted the invite. Yes they have a lot to hide. The day after the legal letters were sent to me they were again quoted in the local Sale rag stating I was invited “we’d much rather them come on the open day rather than at two in the morning. We’re not afraid for people to come here, we have nothing to hide”. Oh yes you do!

The Prisoners Electric FitThe Prisoners Electric FitThe Prisoners Electric FitThe Prisoners Electric Fit