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Tom got on the Internet in December 2000. He orginally heard about the Repository from our friend, the late Tim Benko at "Windy City" Airchecks . Some of Tom's airchecks have previously been featured in Tim's Collection, but his contributions have grown so numerous that Uncle Ricky insisted The Aircheck Factory have a Collection, too.

On the other side, Garcia inserted the metal nozzle of a 90-pounds-per-square-inch compressed-air hose and blasted the pigs’ brains into a pink slurry. One head every three seconds. A high-pressure burst, a fine rosy mist, and the slosh of brains slipping through a drain hole into a catch bucket. (Some workers say the goo looked like Pepto-Bismol; others describe it as more like a lumpy strawberry milkshake.) When the 10-pound barrel was filled, another worker would come to take the brains for shipping to Asia, where they are used as a thickener in stir-fry . Most days that fall, production was so fast that the air never cleared between blasts, and the mist would slick workers at the head table in a grisly mix of brains and blood and grease.

Sound Factory Inc Night ShiftSound Factory Inc Night ShiftSound Factory Inc Night ShiftSound Factory Inc Night Shift