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Easily remove lint and hair from any surface. Great for clothing, furniture, your car and more. Just rinse with warm water and use it over and over. Stop using disposable rollers and wasting money on refills. Order Yours Today .

I work as a cleaner in a squash place that has a bar. Every time we have a party, I have to clean up the next mornig and the floors are always sticky, even when I mopped over them with hot water and MP10. Its very hard to remove it. Even the men’s toliets are sticky, as they have spilled beer all over the floor. Would love some advice. Thanks.

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 · Sometimes going to the grocery store with three kids in tow just isn’t worth it. It’s days like that when I just start digging through my pantry to ...

Sticky rollers are the perfect tool for quick cleaning on a variety of surfaces. The reusable rollers we carry take it one step further, by also saving you money and preventing waste. Instead of ripping off sheets of sticky paper, and then buying refills to keep the roller useful, you will simply rinse these clean to use over and over. When under running water, the super sticky roller will release all of the collected debris. Once dry, they will be as sticky as new, and ready to use again. These long lasting rollers will provide years of use thanks to quality construction and washable rollers. Use on clothing to remove pet hair and lint. Take in the car to clean you seats, or quickly remove hair from the bathroom floor. Incredibly useful and versatile, you will find endless uses for these great tools.

Blu-Tack can be used as a damping agent for sound and vibration applications, due to its low amplitude response properties. [12]

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