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“You’re a queer sort of wolf,” answered the pig, “you’re only a dog!” “No, I’m not a dog,” said he, “I’m a wolf!” “Oh, that’s all right then,” answered the pig, “you just sit down on my back. I’ll give you a ride, and then you can eat me.”

Why naked? We get asked this all the time.

As much as we’d like to say it’s because with bodies like ours, we have nothing to be ashamed of, but that’s not the case, not by a long shot. Instead we describe ourselves as Naked Hungry Travellers because we’re nakedly honest and we’re hungry for everything wonderful about travel.


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What is a wolf pack? A wolf pack is a cohesive family unit consisting of the adult parents and their offspring of the current year and perhaps the previous year and sometimes two years or more. Wolf parents used to be referred to as the alpha male and alpha female or the alpha pair. These terms have been replaced by “breeding male,” “breeding female,” and “breeding pair,” or simply “parents.” The adult parents are usually unrelated, and other unrelated wolves may sometimes join the pack.

"He probably wasn't smart enough to realize that he couldn't do that," Smith said. "It's very unlikely behaviour for a wolf to try to do that, let alone swim to try and get a kill.

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