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Stereo on Disc was the thing this year although not sold until August 1958 there was a renewed interest in Hifi though reading books about Stereo shows the public really didn't do it too well & why Stereo Radiograms will have outsold proper Hifi for the ease of it. "Two Speakers Mother." would have been said in many a Drawing Room of 1958, where would they all go & all the wiring? Again Quad on the HFYB cover if still showing the old Mono preamp & only the AM tuner as no FM yet. The issue of Stereo hit all aspects of Hifi, the book's contents list a sizeable Stereo section from Stylus & Turntable, Preamps & amps, Stereo from forthcoming Radio & current Tape and Speakers. Stereo Radio only arrived in 1963 though Stereo Tape was introduced in 1956 by EMI if only non raucous types of music. 20 pages of Amplifiers including pictures.

As many of these Mono amps will be 1957 models, really not much point listing them again as "agains", only adding new Amplifiers and Stereo preamps & no point listing the "in preparation" ones until the 1959 listing if they appear. Worth listing Stereo preamps as more use to a modern buyer. Additions: Altobass 510 10w EL84 £24 inc CU; Astronic (as Assc Elec Eng) A1434 Stereo CU ; Beam-Echo Avantic PL6-12 Integrated Amp mono 10w EL84 £35 gone by 1959, SPL12-D21 10w, the First Stereo Integrated Amplifier available if gone by 1959; Avantic SPL12 Stereo CU ; Cape VL1 Mk II 25w KT66 25w; VLPS Stereo CU £25; CQ Audio Ltd CQ Integrated Amp 10w £19; Goodsell MA5 Mk II 15w EL84 £15 gone by 1959, MA25 20w £21, GW12 Mk II 20w £27, GW18 Williamson MK II 30w £40; Jason J10 Integrated Amp 10w EL84 £22; Pilot HFA12 12w £21; Pye HF10 Mozart Integrated Amp 10w EL34 £33, Provost HF25 25w KT66 £29; Period High Fidelity Saville Amplifier 20w £27, Saville Stereo CU £15; Shirley Labs Ltd Jupiter 3B/1-15E Integrated Amp 15w EL84 £23, Jupiter 3B/1-30E Integrated Amp 30w EL34 £33, Mullard 20-watt amplifier 20w EL34 £54 inc CU; HL Smith Cooper-Smith BP1 10w EL84 £14 or as a kit £12; Sound Sales lose the plot with the Tri-Channel Stereo CU & Amplifiers, £300 for CU, 2xA & 2 speakers equivalent of £ in today's money., A-Z Stereo CU £65 + 2 Mk III amps, £84 + 2 Senior amps. Tannoy Autograph Type F CU (mono) free-standing £37, mounting £31, Tannoy 20-watt amplifier 20w £33; Verdik Quality Ten 10w £14; Vortexion TRG10 EL84 £21, Wellington Acoustic Labs WAL Stereo CU use with WAL Stereo Ten Twin 5w £60 +CU uses LN309/PCL83 TV style valve; W&N Electronics W&N 520 20-25w £30.

The First Stereo Integrated Amplifier is the Beam-Echo one & several other Stereo preamps. But if Stereo tape was around since 1956, what did they use? A tape deck with a preamp & controls must be the answer plus two power amps. Never seen that B-E one, the EMI Stereoscope is usually the only one you see as the EMI or rebadged versions. Looking at the Photos, the typical build in & hide style of amps was the norm, the mono Beam-Echo Avantic PL6-12 just shows a face-on photo probably in a wood case. A reader adds... "Beam Echo PL6-12. It's actually quite a full-featured integrated, and the power section is based on the Mullard 5-10 (two EL84s), . 10Wpc" . The SPL12 Stereo CU is more modern looking, the long low caged type metal box look. The CQ one is the build-in type. Some combo ones are starting to look less grey & hide-me style, ie the Goodsell PFA & GW18 yet the GEC one you'd want to hide today even though the Leak preamps have a nicer look. The Jason, Pamphonic & Pilot integrateds and W&N control unit look futuristic, at least 1965 with metal cases, the Jason the better looker. Pye Mozart's turn up but they are small & the EL34 mounted sideways keeps interest low. The Tannoy CU despite the bread bin shape looks futuristic too.

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Klark Kent Away From Home Office TalkKlark Kent Away From Home Office TalkKlark Kent Away From Home Office TalkKlark Kent Away From Home Office Talk