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Popular culture has decided that a submachine gun is any automatic rife. In fact, the term refers to a fully-automatic rifle that fires pistol-caliber cartridges. Throughout much of WW2, . infantrymen used submachine guns to great effect. While soldiers could lay down a curtain of fire the guns proved to be underpowered (., not lethal enough) in many circumstances.

There were three stages to Mr. Lincoln’s life in the Illinois state capital. The first began with Mr. Lincoln’s move in 1837 from New Salem, Illinois, to Springfield and lasted until his marriage in 1842. Mr. Lincoln was still something of a country bumpkin in the city even though Springfield was still a village, not a state capital, and quite rural in its own appearances. For six years, Mr. Lincoln lived the life of a bachelor-lawyer-politician. He roomed with general store owner Joshua F. Speed, a fellow Kentucky transplant, and often took his meals with the family of fellow attorney William Butler. William H. Herndon, who served later as Mr. Lincoln’s law partner, wrote that Mr. Lincoln ‘had little, if any money, but hoped to find in Springfield, as he had in New Salem, good and influential friends, who, recognizing alike his honesty and his nobility of character, would aid him whenever a crisis came and their help was needed. In this hope he was by no means in error, for his subsequent history shows that he indeed united his friends to himself with hooks of steel.” 4 Another friend, Dr. William Jayne, recalled: “Mr. Lincoln, after his arrival in our city, boarded at the home of Mr. Butler, the second house west of my father’s home. I often observed him as he passed to and fro from his meals to his office. He usually walked alone, his head inclined as if he was absorbed in deep thought, unmindful of surrounding objects and persons. Though he had his wonderful gift of humor, I venture to assert that in the long run of years life was to him serious and earnest.” 5

Dusty Springfield Losing You Summer Is OverDusty Springfield Losing You Summer Is OverDusty Springfield Losing You Summer Is OverDusty Springfield Losing You Summer Is Over