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The first song which reached in number-one on the chart was " Halo " by Beyoncé . " I Want to Know What Love Is " by Mariah Carey is the longest running number 1 (27 weeks), followed by Beyoncé's "Halo" (the most played song in the country, in 2009).

The land now called Brazil was claimed for the Portuguese Empire on 22 April 1500, with the arrival of the Portuguese fleet commanded by Pedro Álvares Cabral . [45] The Portuguese encountered indigenous peoples divided into several tribes, most of whom spoke languages of the Tupi–Guarani family, and fought among themselves. [46] Though the first settlement was founded in 1532, colonization effectively began in 1534, when King Dom João III of Portugal divided the territory into the fifteen private and autonomous Captaincy Colonies of Brazil . [47] [48]

There are many myths and legends surrounding Hy-Brasil.  In some of them, the island is the home of the gods of Irish lore. In others, it is inhabited by priests or monks rumored to hold ancient knowledge which allowed them to create an advanced civilization. Some think that St. Brendan's famous voyage to find the “Promised Land” may have been Hy-Brasil.

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Brasil Game Show will be held in São Paulo, Brazil starting on 11th Oct, 2017. This Trade Show is a 5 day event and will end on 15th October, 2017

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Brasil Show Brasil ShowBrasil Show Brasil ShowBrasil Show Brasil ShowBrasil Show Brasil Show