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After X-Cutioner’s Song, X-Force continued under Nicieza and Capullo, and later pencilled by Tony Daniel . Having temporarily lost their leader, X-Force attempted to develop an identity of their own. The team gradually developed into a dysfunctional family after Cable's return in #25, and the title regularly combined soap opera plot threads, such as romance and Siryn's alcoholism, with violent action. Nicieza fleshed out previously unknown elements of each character's history, including Siryn's family in Ireland, [3] Rictor's in Mexico, [4] and Cannonball's in Kentucky, [5] as well as the mysterious origins of Shatterstar. [6] This period also saw the reintroduction of characters from the group's New Mutants days, such as Rusty and Skids , [7] Danielle Moonstar , [8] and Cypher and Wolfsbane . [9] A long-simmering sub-plot about Reignfire and the disappearance of Sunspot came to a climax just as the book went on hiatus for the Age of Apocalypse crossover event in 1995.

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Sys Of Choi He Was A Lonely GirlSys Of Choi He Was A Lonely GirlSys Of Choi He Was A Lonely GirlSys Of Choi He Was A Lonely Girl