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Also using his room to advantage is Jay Graydon, who talks about placing a guitar amp on his studio's drum riser for certain sounds. "The riser eliminates low-end coupling with the floor. I am looking for a sweet mid-range tone, so as to not take up too much room in the track, meaning that I do not want low-end information for solos."

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 In 1987, vocalist Mary Davis left The . Band to pursue a solo career. The band recorded two more albums:Diamonds in the Raw with lead vocalist Chandra Currelley and  Fredi Grace (number 43 R&B in fall 1989), produced by Eban Kelly and Jimi Randolph, and One of Many Nights with lead vocalist Chandra Currelley produced by Curtis Williams. In August 1994, former lead vocalist Mary Davis reunited with Abdul Ra’oof and together they reconstructed a new band with the same funky . sound, appearing on comedian Sinbad’s HBO concert specials and Rhino’s various-artists set United We Funk issued October 5,1999. 

SOS Band For Your Love Extended VersionSOS Band For Your Love Extended VersionSOS Band For Your Love Extended VersionSOS Band For Your Love Extended Version