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My son and his wife worked at the burger king in Faribault MN. They both just quit today. My son got burned and a bad burn at that. When he asked if he could go run in under some cold water. Their response was no keep pushing burgers. I couldn’t believe it. They are so short of staff at this place that they close the inside down and sometimes the entire store. He was told that no incident report could be filed because they don’t do that at that store. I was amazed what company does that?. Needless to say we will be taking my son to have his burn looked at now. We filed a complaint with the headquartes. I don’t hold out much hope that i will hear anything back or he will. I suggested my son get and attorney . Last week they were upset with him because he would not server moldy tomatoes to customers. He was just told to cut off the mold and serve it anyways. He refused to do that and threw the crate away. Telling them he was not going to do that and have people get sick what kind of company is this? Luckily for me i don’t eat fast food . For everyone else please be careful when you go to Burger King look at your food make sure things haven’t been cut off it’s disgusting.

can someone tell me what the spots are on the patty of the wopper! i was curious what was in my burger and when i looked at the patty…its looked so disgusting!

Boogie Nights is a 1997 film about a young porn star as he enters the industry in the late 1970s in California, and deals with the highs and lows of success into the 1980s.

In offering up this affectionate parody of the old movies, Wayans also turns a satiric eye on black culture in general -- but in an inoffensive, lighthearted manner.

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King James Im Gonna Get You Time After TimeKing James Im Gonna Get You Time After TimeKing James Im Gonna Get You Time After TimeKing James Im Gonna Get You Time After Time