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In the UK , the group had a string of hits with songs such as "Take That To The Bank" (1978), "I Owe You One" (1980), and songs from the Friends (1982) album: " I Can Make You Feel Good " (1982), " A Night To Remember ", " There It Is ", and the title track "Friends". [1] The album, which crossed the genres of pop , disco, and soul , was also a big seller in the UK in 1982. [ citation needed ] The band's record sales in the UK increased when Daniel demonstrated his body-popping dancing skills on BBC Television 's music programme, Top of the Pops , which had premiered the Moonwalk on television for the first time. Michael Jackson was a fan of Shalamar's, in particular, Daniel and his dance moves, after watching him on Soul Train . [ citation needed ] Jackson and Daniel met afterward, and Jackson took his then 12-year-old sister Janet to see Shalamar perform at Disneyland . Daniel and Jackson co-choreographed Jackson's " Bad " and " Smooth Criminal " videos from the album Bad (1987). [ citation needed ]

Shalamar Over And Over EditShalamar Over And Over EditShalamar Over And Over EditShalamar Over And Over Edit